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Investing in Indonesian Property

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest and most populous country. Nonetheless, it’s stayed off the radar of investors despite strong growth along with an enormous consumer market. The economy is also rising at an impressive pace. A focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, and services has helped Indonesia average over 5% annual GDP growth since the turn of the decade. That’s among the highest paces in the whole region. Investment in Indonesia has skyrocketed both as a result and a cause of its resurgent growth. Yet it still hasn’t received the same attention as other large countries in the region like China and India. Much smaller nations like Thailand and Singapore are even seeing more foreign investment than Indonesia. This makes investing in Indonesia property ideal for those wanting to profit from the rise of one of the world’s future economic powerhouses. China is becoming too expensive while its economy is slowing down. Because of that, plus a looming trade war with America, global businesses and investors alike are now looking at India as an alternative. Eyes will then turn to Indonesia once India becomes oversaturated and inevitably suffers the same fate as China. Indonesia’s rise will truly begin once this happens. It’s a long term play and a fairly safe one since multinational companies love setting up shop in dense, heavily-populated countries. Indonesia’s location allows them simple access to large consumer markets and makes their logistics run smoothly as well. Those who act now will obtain access to a population of more than 250 million people – the fourth biggest in the world. Early buyers of Indonesia property should also start seeing gains well before its real estate market becomes “mainstream”.