rise with the sun

get your heart rate up with a morning run on our jogging track, basking in the warm rays of the sun, soaking all the energy to celebrate your day.

stay active

fully equipped gym as an outlet for your suppressed energies, toning your spirit and to condition your body.

city at your doorstep

the ideal residence in the heart of the city with direct toll access; enables you to maximize productivity and always be at the right place, at the right time.

limitless social connectivity

nestled in the heart of Jakarta, just a heartbeat away from all the attractions and pleasures of the city. light up, catch up, lift up; find balance in the daily life.

wind down & relax

stay invigorated and grounded after a long day of productivity, keeping you fresh for the coming days. find inspiration, clear the mind in order to fill it again.

grow & flourish

grow and flourish get the little ones to socialize, throw a smile and share some laughter in a green environment. let them grow mindfully and flourish beautifully.

take the plunge

an olympic length pool with a view to match. listen to your heartbeat and breathe consciously; an exercise to practice mindfulness in everything you do.

mind body & soul

get centered and recoup after a long and productive day to help you ensure a good night sleep and get you started for the next day.

share the love

end the day with your loved ones, coming back to what’s core in your life. share food and stories, keep up with each others life, understand a little bit better each day.