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Avania, Enchanted Nature With A Touch Of Urban Luxury

Establishing a sense of place is critical in the creation of a new modern development. Identity and place-making are a priority for Avania, manifested by deploying architecture that exists at intersection of the built and natural environments. A deep relationship to ones surrounding landscape, creates a strong connection to nature, creating a sense a calm and wellbeing to the occupants. Dense landscape at the street level, podium level, crowns, and even inside the main lobbies develops a sense of peace and serenity. Human comfort is a principle driver of the development, both within the residential towers and outdoor public spaces. Avania seeks to create a place where people can experience the best version of themselves, and amplify their health and wellbeing through the spaces they inhabit. Avania seeks to balance luxury living and exquisitely tailored natural landscape and amenity spaces. The design harmonizes the position of the towers with two opposite plazas, creating an iconic form on the skyline while activating the ground plane. Like pebbles in a pond, the site freely flows from one space to the next, allowing occupants to enjoy a diverse set of experiences, shade, rain protection and naturally cooled space. Understanding the local climate, environmental forces, and energy that move across the site: builds a frame work and creates an architecture that is responsive, sustainable, and healthy. A delicate but strong architectural expression creates a luxury residential architecture that uniquely fits in the local urban fabric. The exterior design represents the purity of structural expression, woven together, inspired by Indonesian craft and efficiency of material usage. The expressed structure helps to shade and regulate heat gain on the facade, while also creating a clear tectonic reading of design simplicity. Precast concrete, metal, and glass blend together to reinforce the pure grid, creating an authentic character and modern sensibility. Texture is present in the materials, manifested through a luxurious textured precast, light champagne metal fins, and visual richness through simple and intentional detailing. At all scales of this development, local craft, materials, and architectural language combine to create a holistic and authentic experience. Culturally specific, local materials, and well crafted: Tropical Modern design. A focused approach utilizing formal design techniques based on local craft and materials will give the architecture a sense of place and cultural specificity. In an all glass city, the next step for modern towers will be to achieve a contextual balance between the old and new. Each detail and material has been developed and selected to reinforce the sensibility of well-crafted architecture. Materials, architectural language, and structural purity develop a reading of luxury, authenticity, and performance oriented architecture. Similar to tree canopies and how they create areas of protection at the forest floor, Avania looks to protect occupants from the harsh solar exposure through simple techniques as deep overhangs, solar screens, and dense vegetation from local plants. A lush garden landscape integrated with amenities adds a layer of hospitality and luxury to development. Wellness and health are promoted by the types of amenities and their design and integration into the landscape elements. At night these elements will softly glow like lanterns in a garden. The amenities include, an Olympic swimming pool, relaxation and children’s pools, yoga, and spaces for general wellness and interior functions. Nestled in a natural oasis, each amenity space helps to contribute a sense of tranquility, relaxations, and wellbeing; creating a diverse set of experiences for residents. The tower’s heights delicately cascade down, responding to both the towering commercial skyline and opposite low-lying residential neighborhood. The wedge- shaped buildings not only maximize views, but capture the site’s prevailing winds, naturally cooling the corridors, podium and ground floor levels. Lush landscape creates a sense of escape, allowing for the rigors of daily life to be released. Avania will set a new benchmark for sustainable luxury living in a rapidly changing world.

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Swimming pools, tennis courts, concierge services, day spa treatments & dining options makes Avania a completely integrated lifestyle orientated development.